Trade Finance Solutions

Trade Finance

By combining the strengths of Turners Shipping’s experienced Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing operations with the value-added service of an affordable Trade Finance facility we are able to provide our customers with the ultimate start-to-finish package. Turners Shipping remains the single point of contact throughout the process ensuring efficiency, accountability and transparency.

How it Works

  • Turners Shipping manages every aspect of the process from the time the importer places an order with the supplier, to the point that the products have been distributed locally.
  • We pay the supplier directly, manage the port to port transport, take care of the Customs Clearing and Forwarding, local Warehousing and Distribution. Throughout the process, the client is kept up-to-date by real-time reports generated by our integrated IT systems.
  • This is a single Rand-based transaction with the importer’s Trade Finance facility being split between Customs Clearing/Freight Forwarding and Trade Finance. As such, the margin and interest are only charged on the foreign disbursement to the supplier, and not on the total landed cost of the product. This makes the product extremely competitive and provides the importer with flexibility pertaining to their required terms on both Customs Clearing/Freight Forwarding and Trade Finance.
  • Clients receive a detailed and fully transparent costing schedule reflecting fees and charges relating to each step in the process. With this in hand, an accurate unit cost can be determined for each imported or exported item.
  • The importer receives a single billing from Turners Shipping which is payable in South African Rands on the extended terms agreed to when the facility is granted. The advantage to the client is a process with complete financial transparency.
  • The overall objective is to allow importers and exporters the time to concentrate on running and growing their own business while Turners Shipping attends to their total logistics supply chain requirements.

Total Logistics Package

The concept behind our Trade Finance facility is to combine the financing of imports and exports, and the logistics of getting the products here, all into a single integrated system.

As such, Turners Shipping would provide the following:

  • Financing
  • Supplier Payment
  • Logistics Management
  • Cargo Tracking & Shipment Status Reporting
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearing
  • Communication & Reporting
  • Invoicing & Costing

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