1. Procurement of Product
Importer orders product and advises Turners Shipping of the details and payment terms arranged with the supplier.

2. Payment of the Supplier
Turners Shipping will arrange for Foreign Exchange, pay the Supplier and arrange collection of the order.

3. International Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding
Turners Shipping takes control of the overseas landside logistics; customs clearing and forwarding; sea or air freight transport to South Africa.

4. South African Customs Clearing and Delivery
Local customs clearing is completed and the product is delivered to a general or bonded warehouse in preparation for distribution or to the client.

5. Invoicing
Turners Shipping then prepares a Trade Finance Invoice and a Customs Clearing Invoice in accordance with the agreed rates and payment terms. The invoices are payable in ZAR as per the terms arranged.

6. Full Reporting
Turners Shipping will advise the importer of the status and progress at each stage of the process; from Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) ex the Suppliers address; through the clearing and forwarding, until the final delivery. This information will appear on both the shipment Status Report as well as the Purchase Order Management System (POMS)

7. Costing Schedule
Turners Shipping will provide the importer/exporter with a full Costing Schedule, which will be inclusive of both the Trade Finance charges and the Customs Clearing charges. This information will enable the importer to calculate the actual landed costs of each item.

8. Local Distribution and Sales
Armed with this information the importer is able to price the product, distribute it and sell it into the market.

9. Payment to Turners Trade Finance
Final payment, in keeping with the terms of the Trade Finance agreement, is made to Turners Shipping.

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