Trade Finance

Our Trade Finance product is strategically positioned as a premium service for which our Clients first need to qualify. Our product only targets mature, developed companies and we do not accommodate start-up businesses. Approved insurance on our Trade Finance facilities is a key risk management tool that is also required.

  1. A minimum requirement of information to assess the feasibility of a prospective client includes:
  2. The latest signed annual financial statements
  3. Latest management account information
  4. Collateral (which includes at a minimum, personal suretyships of shareholders)
  5. An understanding of your business and the nature of the underlying transaction that requires funding
  • This financial information is an imperative indicator which helps us measure against specific criteria:
  • Solvency, liquidity, and balance sheet strength
  • Profitability as a continuing business and going concern
  • Sufficient gross margins
  • Required securities

Turners Shipping emphasizes the importance of the Client’s underlying transaction that is being funded. The key to the success of our Trade Finance product is to ensure theoretically and practically that the funded transaction pays for itself within the prescribed terms. As soon as the funded transaction is liquidated through payment from the Client’s debtor, payment must be made over to Turners Shipping – preventing over-leverage and reckless trading.

In global markets that are volatile and ever-changing, the ongoing monitoring of accounts, financial information and securities is an essential requirement.

Trade Finance
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